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You'll find our small Christian Bookshop is located next to the church in Shanklin, High Street

Opening Hours Monday - Friday (and some Saturdays): 10:00 - 13:00

Our bookshop has a selection of Bibles and books, a wide range of greetings cards (most of which include a scripture verse), CDs and some small gifts.

We also have a range of 'previously owned' Christian books for sale.

If you find that we don't have what you want in stock, we may be able to order it for you - just ask.

You'll find a warm welcome from one of our team of volunteers


Monthly Stock News

In the July edition of ’The Link’ we featured a biography of Brother Andrew, who founded Open Doors. In the introduction to a new book Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft (co-pastors of Soul Survivor Watford and co-authors) tell of a time when they spent a couple of hours visiting an elderly Brother Andrew. They’d invited him to come and speak at one of their Soul Survivor events a few years earlier and although he’d agreed to come he cancelled at the last minute. They’d been upset until they discovered that the reason he’d cancelled was because he had sneaked across the border into Afghanistan to baptise a hundred new believers in a river. Mike and Andy go on to say that it is inspiring and challenging to spend time with someone like Brother Andrew and in their new book they want to introduce us to more people like him.

Their new book is called ‘Lifelines’ and in this book they look at what we can learn from some Biblical characters to help us live lives of faith and integrity today. Though we may be separated from these people by thousands of years we face many of the same questions and face some of the same challenges.

On the back of the book there is a good summary of what this book is about….

“What if, during a battle with fear, we could take some tips from David? Or in wrestling with a relationship, we could learn from Ruth? Or when we’ve got questions about the future, we could sit down with Joseph? Through their successes, struggles and failures, these men and women of faith have blazed a trail for us to follow. We can walk beside them, discover God with them.”

Chapters in the book cover topics such as changing your self-image, secrets of friendship, thriving in an alien culture, when God seems distant and preparing for God to use you. As well as looking at the stories of the Biblical characters the authors share their own experiences with openness and humour. In the introduction the authors give their reasons for writing the book; “…..we long to introduce a new generation of Christians to the Bible. It is our conviction that we have no hope of living a life of friendship with God and being changed into his likeness if we are not people who know our Bibles.“ They go on to say “We have found that the following witnesses have kept us company in the highs and lows of life and in the battles and blessings we’ve had as we follow Jesus. We pray and expect that they will do the same for you. Our hope is that in reading this book your life will be deeply impacted. You will know your identity secured, your worship enriched, your friendships improved and your heart encouraged.”

Each chapter is complete in itself so it’s the kind of book that is easy to dip into.

Lifelines’ by Andy Croft & Mike Pilavachi £9.99

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