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You'll find our small Christian Bookshop is located next to the church in Shanklin, High Street

Opening Hours Monday - Friday (and some Saturdays): 10:00 - 13:00

Our bookshop has a selection of Bibles and books, a wide range of greetings cards (most of which include a scripture verse), CDs and some small gifts.

We also have a range of 'previously owned' Christian books for sale.

If you find that we don't have what you want in stock, we may be able to order it for you - just ask.

You'll find a warm welcome from one of our team of volunteers


Monthly Stock News

“The Chicago Tribune newsroom was eerily quiet on the day before Christmas. As I sat at my desk with little to do, my mind kept wandering back to a family I had encountered a month earlier while I was working on a series of articles about Chicago’s neediest people” These are the opening words of the introduction in ’The Case for Christmas’ by Lee Strobel. As he thought about this family (a grandmother and her two granddaughters) he decided to go and visit them again that day and he was amazed at what he found. The newspaper readers had responded to his article and given many gifts including money. He was even more amazed that this family was preparing to give away many of these gifts and when he asked them why they were doing this they replied “Our neighbours are still in need. We cannot have plenty while they have nothing. This is what Jesus would want us to do.” The grandmother went on to say that the next day they would be celebrating an even greater gift from God - the gift of Jesus. He goes on to say that to this family “the child in the manger was the undeserved gift that meant everything -more than material possessions, more than comfort, more than security. And at that moment, something inside of me wanted desperately to know this Jesus. They had peace despite poverty, while I had anxiety despite plenty; they knew the joy of generosity, while I only knew the loneliness of ambition” .

Some time later, prompted by his intriguing memories of this family and his wife’s conversion to Christianity, he decided to get to the bottom of what he considered to be a crucial issue; ‘Who was in the manger on that first Christmas morning?’ Using excerpts from his book ‘The Case for Christ’ he retraces and expands on his original investigations to look at this issue. He looks at evidence available from experts on the Bible, archaeology and messianic prophecy as he investigates the true identity of the child in the manger.

Another publication looking at Christmas is a little booklet with the title ‘The Cradle, Cross and Crown’ by Billy Graham. In this booklet he shares devotional reflections, verses of scripture, some words from Christmas carols and quotes to show how events in Bethlehem connect to the cross and

Christ’s return. He sums it up by saying “ This is God’s gift of Christmas:

  • the cradle - His Son,

  • the cross - His life,

  • the crown - His coming kingdom.

But…..a gift, to be complete, must be received !”

This booklet is good for those who prefer to read short passages rather than very detailed text.

‘The Case for Christmas’ and ‘The Cradle, Cross and Crown’ are £3.99 each.

‘The Baby Born at Christmas’ is a colourful little book introducing the Christmas story to children. It has lovely illustrations on each page and the simple text begins with the angel’s visit to Mary. It goes on to tell of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus, the shepherds and then finishes with the visit of the wise men with their gifts.

‘The Wonder of Christmas’ is another colourful little book for children. It also has illustrations on each page and starts with the angel’s appearance to Mary. It then covers all the main events; travelling to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus, the shepherds and the wise men with their gifts.

These two books for children are inexpensive at £ 1.99 each.

As usual the bookshop will be closed between Christmas and New Year - to give all our volunteers a break and to allow for the annual stocktaking to be carried out.

**** We wish all bookshop customers a blessed Christmas ****

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