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You'll find our small Christian Bookshop is located next to the church in Shanklin, High Street

Opening Hours Monday - Friday (and some Saturdays): 10:00 - 13:00

Our bookshop has a selection of Bibles and books, a wide range of greetings cards (most of which include a scripture verse), CDs and some small gifts.

We also have a range of 'previously owned' Christian books for sale.

If you find that we don't have what you want in stock, we may be able to order it for you - just ask.

You'll find a warm welcome from one of our team of volunteers


Monthly Stock News

Twice this year, through the medium of television, we have had the opportunity to enter St. Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle to witness a Royal Wedding. On Saturday May 19th it was the wedding of HRH Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. For this special, but also very public, occasion Harry and Meghan chose Bishop Michael Curry to give the wedding address and for many this proved to be one of the ‘ highlights ‘ of the day. His vibrant, animated and impassioned style was, perhaps, a little unexpected for such an occasion but certainly caught everybody’s attention with an uninhibited message. It could be said that his 14 minute sermon ‘ the power of love ‘ was not just for the wedding but for the world. Estimates for the TV audience in the UK alone range from 11 to 18 million and the audience in the USA is estimated to have reached 29 million. One source says his address generated 40,000 tweets a minute !

Michael Curry is presiding Bishop and Primate of the US Episcopal Church. He has distilled a number of his inspirational sermons into a book called ’ Crazy Christians ’. In it’s concise 13 chapters he draws on the Old and New Testaments citing many references to individuals such as Moses, Mary Magdalene and Peter as well as people such as Martin Luther King and Desmond Tutu.

Additionally throughout the book he includes stories from his own family background and of living in the USA. Amongst other thoughts he suggests that the world needs some ’Crazy Christians’!

Crazy Christians - A radical way of life by Michael B. Curry ( £10-99 )


A variety of resources are available for use during Advent, including Advent calendars and books of daily readings for reflection, sometimes with questions to stimulate your thinking. This year The Leprosy Mission have produced some new Advent calendars with colourful pictures and Bible verses behind each daily window. (£4 each)

Two new books published in time for Advent this year are available from the bookshop. One is ‘Love came down at Christmas’ by Sinclair Ferguson (£6.99). You may not be familiar with the author’s name but you will certainly be familiar with the passage he focuses on in his book as he takes you through 1 Corinthians 13. He invites the reader to slow down in the midst of all the busyness and spend some time each day looking at a phrase or verse from this passage of scripture. As well as comments on the passage each daily section has a question for reflection and a prayer. He seeks to help the reader explore how and why ‘love came down at Christmas’ and to also consider the difference this can make to their own lives.

The second new book is ‘Advent for everyone A journey through Luke‘ by Tom Wright (£8.99). In this book Tom Wright explores the themes of encouragement, renewal, justice and celebration by looking at the gospel of Luke. He uses daily readings and meditations along with questions for personal reflection. At the end of his introduction he shares his hope and prayer that this book will help people to celebrate the coming of God’s light into the world and what it means for us as we walk with Jesus .


The bookshop has a selection of Christmas cards now available. These are mainly from The Leprosy Mission range of cards as each of these cards includes a verse of scripture. Prices for packs range from £4 up to £5. Some single cards are also available, priced at 40p or 45p.

Also available again is the popular ‘Gospel Gems’ wall calendar (size A4). This calendar has a picture for each month and a different scripture verse for each day. The pictures in this calendar for 2019 include flowers, coastal scenes, a robin and a red squirrel. (99p)

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